Middle School Academic Overview

“Our mission at the American School of Kuwait is to inspire life-long learners empowered to excel in American Higher Education and the global community as innovative, compassionate citizens. This mission statement, adopted in 2019, sets a high standard for students and teachers. It is a statement that defines our beliefs about the kind of people we are and want to become at ASK."

Within that framework, in the middle school at American School of Kuwait we seek to develop responsible, productive, and highly effective individuals who demonstrate life- long learning skills, embrace cultural diversity, show respect for self and the rights of others, work cooperatively, and practice good citizenship. Furthermore, communication between students, teachers and parents is something we believe is very important as we strive to build a community of learners with common goals and objectives.

The program of studies in Middle School includes the core curriculum: Language Arts, Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, Arabic (or AFL) and Physical Education. Muslim students are required to take Religion. The program offers a rich variety of elective, exploratory and language offerings specifically designed for middle school learners. We provide services to enable all students to be successful in middle school. We also offer enriched courses in grade 8 such as Honors English and Algebra I