Teacher Housing

The housing for ASK employees is comfortable. The school provides beds, dressers, couches, two chairs, a dining room set, and a desk. The teacher buildings (2008) are located in Mahboula and include a large outdoor commons area.

Outside the complex, there are organized trips for shopping, touring a museum, or seeing the Grand Mosque. It is amazing how many weekends are packed with more activities than there is time to attend.

The school, which is a 25-45 minute drive from the housing depending on traffic, has a fitness center that teachers may use after school and on the weekends. It is well equipped with Cyber machines, free weights, and video equipment in case you have a favorite exercise video. Easy access to the Internet is available.

Teachers can join the local sports leagues including rugby and hockey teams, while others play basketball several times a week. The Hilton is nearby and many enjoy its facilities and join its health club. Several options for runners to get together in small and large groups are available. A number of current faculty members involve themselves with the Kuwait Little Theatre by either acting or back stage work.