High School Administration

Monique Livsey, Principal

I am delighted to be continuing as a member of the ASK administration in the new position as acting High School Principal this year, and to be working with such outstanding students, parents, and teachers of the ASK community. I am eager to lead our team of talented educators in support of students through providing meaningful, collaborative learning experiences whether it be in our core curriculum, AP and honors classes, or electives. The challenges and uncertainties we have faced over the past months has strengthened my resolve to ensure that every individual within the ASK community feels supported, inspired, and prepared for a successful new year in our remote environment. As principal, I am committed to working together, building and strengthening relationships, setting high expectations for students, teachers, and especially, myself, to foster a community that is compassionate, and forever striving to meet any challenge. Let’s have an amazing year, whether it be from the comfort of our own homes or within the four walls of a classroom!

Monique Livsey is from Atlanta, Georgia and has 22 years of experience in education. She has been a part of the ASK community for the past 19 years taking on roles and responsibilities of teacher, parent, and administrator. She taught Mathematics at the American School of Kuwait for 6 years, at the American University of Kuwait for 10 years, and is back at ASK for her fourth year as a Principal following three years as an Assistant Principal. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Math Education at Vanderbilt University and later earned a Masters of Architecture Degree from GA Tech University. In her spare time she likes to spend time with her family, learn about new cultures, and travel.

Lena Hakim, College Counselor

Welcome to a new and exciting school year at ASK! I am thrilled to be working with our juniors and seniors this year and I hope I will be able to offer them as much assistance and guidance as possible in their journey to college. My door is always open to parents and students alike and I am happy to try and answer all your questions, making college preparation and the college application process stress-free.

Lena Hakim has been at ASK since 2005 and joined the Counseling department in January 2013 as the College and Guidance Counselor. Lena graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Political Science and International Relations. She has recently completed her Certificate in General Counseling and has currently completed her Diploma in Youth Counseling. In her spare time, Lena enjoys reading, travelling as well as spending time with family and friends.

Gharam Attya, Guidance Counselor

As I transition to the high school department this year, I am looking forward to supporting all students in their journey of success that encompasses academic development and acquisition of self-knowledge and interpersonal skills. As a student advocate, mainly, and a high school counselor I intend to partner with students, educators, parents to foster an inclusive and collaborative school environment central to the success of the ASK's mission. I believe in each student's intrinsic worth, and I am excited to assist each student as they make their way through freshman and sophomore year at ASK!

GG Attya is an ASK Alumni. GG graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Child Studies and Psychology in Montreal, Canada. She is currently completing a thesis for her Masters in Psychology from Cambridge, Massachusetts. In her spare time, GG enjoys traveling, teaching yoga, and spending time with her family and friends.