A Welcome from the Director of Innovation and Communication

Every seven years, stakeholders from the ASK community sit down to critically evaluate our vision of who we are and who we want to be as a school. In the fall of 2018, we began a new iteration of this process starting with our Mission Statement.

On the whole, the committee felt ASK was devoted to the ideals outlined in this document ―empowering life-long learners, preparing students for post-secondary study, ensuring that ASK graduates go into the world as compassionate, global citizens.

However, we also felt an element was missing, one that spoke to the diversity of our community and the importance of helping young learners connect their ideas to the real-world scenarios that could benefit from this thinking. As such, the committee opted to add the word “innovation” to our Mission Statement.

When ASK talks about innovation, we mean more than just whiz-bang technology. For us, it is a concept that is deeply rooted in applied learning, one in which students work with each other and the community to celebrate ideas through meaningful action.

Already, ASK embraces this ideal. From third-grade invention fairs to official TEDxYouth conferences, from NASA challenges to overseas service learning opportunities, our school prizes innovation. In reintroducing the position of Director of Innovation and Communication, we are recommitting ourselves to this vision of who we are and who we want to be: forward-thinking and compassionate, engaged and critically aware.

As we move into the coming school year, our goal is to be more purposeful in our pursuit of practices that serve this end. We envision greater community outreach, strengthening our service learning program, and further investing in the professional development of our staff. In doing so, we believe we can foster a more thoughtful, sustainable, and capable generation of learners, people who will, indeed, go out into the world to practice compassion, learn for life, and seek innovation.


Ms. Lora Hawkins
Director of Innovation and Communication
American School of Kuwait