Admissions Requirements & Policies


ASK welcomes applications from local and international students who are able to meet the demands of an academically challenging American curriculum. We select students based on their past school records, letters of recommendation and transcripts. Also, prospective students should pass a standardized test which determines their level in mathematics, English language and reading. Completed applications and tests are reviewed by the Admissions Committee to select the best possible students for ASK.

Age Requirements

CDC (Pre-K) students must be three years old by December 31st.

Entry to KG1 is limited to children who are four years old by December 31st.

Entry to KG2 is limited to children who are five years old by December 31st.

Entry to first grade is limited to children who are six years old by December 31st.

  • Prospective CDC students must be toilet trained.
  • Students are expected to complete Grade 12 prior turning 20 years of age.
  • ASK will not accept applications for students joining Grade 12 except for students coming from abroad. Students coming from a local school in Kuwait should join ASK at least one year prior to their graduation year.

Testing Policy

After you submit the application form and documents required, you will be notified with the testing date and time. Our standardized 3-R’s test measures achievements in three academic contents areas: reading, Language and mathematics. Students applying for Pre-K and Kindergarten will be also assessed during a personal interview.

Completed applications and tests are reviewed by the Admissions Committee. Parents will be notified with the acceptance or rejection decision once it’s made.

Special Needs

ASK is not designed nor accredited to educate students with special needs.

Study Support Program

ASK provides a limited resource program for students requiring additional support in ELL, Reading, English, Mathematics and Study Skills; with extra practice and individual attention in a small group setting. This program is available for Elementary and Middle School students.

Upon initiating admissions process, it is important to provide clear information about your child’s specific needs. ASK does not support students who have, or had, any of the following:

  • Problems with learning
  • Behavior, mobility, vision or hearing problems
  • Specialized medical care, physical or speech therapy requirements
  • Requirements to adapt the regular school routine


ASK doesn’t operate or run a bus company. Bus services have been tendered to an independent contractor who has an office by gate #1. For further information please contact the Transportation Manager. Bus fees however, are paid to the ASK’s Business Office.